The iPhone doesn’t vibrate: what to do to fix it

Having the iPhone in vibration mode is a common thing. In this mode we will be able to know if we get a call or a new message without having to support the notification sound that can be annoying in many situations. But unfortunately sometimes we can find that the vibration does not work and in this post we explain how you can fix it.

Check the vibration motor

To make the vibration happen, the iPhone includes a small motor that when turned on causes that characteristic movement in the whole mobile. Like any other electronic component it can end up failing and eventually be the culprit of the whole problem.

The iPhone doesn’t vibrate: what to do to fix it
The iPhone doesn’t vibrate: what to do to fix it

To check this, simply use the small tab on the side of the iPhone to mute it or activate the sound. Every time we manipulate this small tab on the side to put the phone on mute we should notice a vibration. If we notice it, it means that the engine is working perfectly, and that it does not work in other parts of the system is another problem. In the case that you do not feel any vibration unfortunately has no solution except to contact Apple to be assessed by a specialist and finally make a repair.

Solution by checking the iPhone settings

In case the engine works, you can breathe a little easier. But to fix it you will have to go and do some steps in the Settings application. The first one is to go to the sound settings and see if the vibration is activated in all modes or not. To do this check you should follow the steps below:

  • Go to Adjustments , Sounds and Vibrations
  • Check that the first two options are marked in green. If they’re not, activate them. If they are activated, deactivate and re-activate.
  • Check at the end of this same configuration window if the option ‘system vibration’ is activated.

With these two touches, you can check whether the iPhone vibration works or not. Please note that it is recommended to activate and deactivate the functions mentioned above to ensure that it is not a bug in the software.

If none of this works, move on to the Accessibility section where we also find a section dedicated to iPhone vibration. To check this setting, simply follow these steps :

  • Go to Adjustment , Accessibility .
  • Go to ‘Touch’.
  • Go down to the penultimate section entitled ‘Vibration’.
  • Activate it if it wasn’t to activate all the vibrations of the iPhone. If it is activated but still does not work, deactivate it and then activate it again.

The last option left in the iPhone settings is to restore all the factory settings without formatting the device. This can be done as follows:

  • Go to Adjustments.
  • At the bottom of the screen enter ‘Reset’.
  • Click on ‘Reset Settings’.

The only downside of this setting is that if you have custom settings such as changed ringtones they will be removed. You will have to re-customize your device accordingly.

Restore the operating system or wait for an update

In case none of the previous steps worked for you, it is logical to think that we are dealing with a bug in the operating system. If the problem has occurred after a recent update it is logical to think that this is the culprit. The most patient thing is to wait for a new update that ends up solving this problem and inform Apple so they can take it into account.

If it has nothing to do with a recent update, you should already think about backing up everything on your iPhone and doing a restore. This way we can remove the process that has been left hanging and do a clean install of the operating system that in the vast majority of cases solves all the problems. If it does not solve anything either, the only thing left to do is to contact Apple itself so that they can make a diagnosis.

In conclusion, all the components of a phone can end up failing and in the end we must look for some kind of solution. Thanks to Apple’s warranty we can have a guarantee of repair and revision of this failure.

And you, have you suffered this problem on your iPhone?

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