The iPhone 7 will be the same height and width as the iPhone 6

El iPhone 7 genera más interés en los usuarios que el iPhone 6s

El boceto del diseño del iPhone 7 revela otro pequeño detalle…

Como mencionábamos anteriormente, aún hay otra pequeña sorpresa. El boceto del iPhone 7 sugiere que el diseño de la lente de la cámara es ligeramente más amplio que el del iPhone 6 o el del iPhone 6s , pero sigue siendo circular.

The iPhone 7 will be the same height and width as the iPhone 6
The iPhone 7 will be the same height and width as the iPhone 6

Esto parece indicar que el iPhone 7 podría contar con un sensor más grande para la cámara iSight de la parte posterior, pero es probable que el sistema de cámara de doble lente solo se implemente en el iPhone 7 Plus (o en un nuevo modelo).

A sketch of the design of Apple’s iPhone 7 has been filtered out and the images show that it will have the same dimensions as its predecessor, the iPhone 6s . The drawing only shows the width and height of the smartphone, not the thickness, so for the moment it doesn’t reflect any data on whether the iPhone 7 will have a headphone jack or not.

The sketch has been published by the French website NWE under a watermark of @onleaks, so the credentials are pretty reliable , although of course nobody can know if it’s a fake or if we are looking at the real sketch of the iPhone 7.

The sketch also shows another quite interesting little detail about the iPhone 7… Read on to discover it.

A sketch of the iPhone 7 design is revealed

If this were true, the constant complaints from Apple fans would multiply, since users think that the company no longer has room for improvement and no longer innovates on its iPhone as much as it did a few years ago.

It is difficult to reveal more features of the iPhone 7 by looking at just a simple sketch of its design, but its shape seems to indicate that will have the same rounded edges as the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s.

Fortunately, iPhone 7 may surprise many people not because of its design, but because of its functionality and hardware. In fact, recently Tim Cook hinted that the iPhone 7 would have features we don’t use today but can’t live with when it’s officially released.

After our Twitter poll, our followers voted that the feature Tim Cook was talking about was most likely wireless charging – let’s hope it comes true!

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