The iPad Pro Could Count on Force Touch Technology

Although Apple has not yet confirmed its existence, the iPad Pro is still the focus of many rumours. According to a supply chain report, the iPad Pro, the 12.9-inch tablet, is expected to be Force Touch and will be delayed until 2016 .

Many things have been said about the iPad Pro today, including that it will have a 12.9-inch screen, NFC technology and a stylus , among other things. Now, to these features we would have to add Force Touch technology, for which they would use panels based on silver nano-threads.

The iPad Pro Could Count on Force Touch Technology
The iPad Pro Could Count on Force Touch Technology

These panels would allow the iPad Pro to incorporate Force Touch, a feature that would go a step further in interacting with the 12.9-inch tablet . But let’s look in more detail at the data provided by that report that has supposedly come out of the supply chain.

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The iPad Pro’s screen would be pressure sensitive thanks to Force Touch

This new rumor about the iPad Pro would arise through alleged sources in the supply chain. According to this report, Apple has requested several samples of silver nanowire-based panels from Japan Display, Samsung and LG Display , among others, which suggests that they may incorporate Force Touch technology into the future iPad Pro.

On the other hand, this change could lead to a further delay in the arrival of the iPad Pro , which according to previous rumours was expected to be introduced during the first quarter of the year. Thus, it seems that we will have to wait until 2016 to see this tablet with a 12.9-inch screen in the market.

Currently, the conductive materials used in mobile device panels are based on tin and indium , more specifically indium tin oxide (ITO). These types of panels have a fairly high manufacturing cost, but if silver nanowires are used the costs would be quite low and they could be used on a curved surface thanks to their great flexibility.

The silver nanowires are between 40 and 250 nanometers thick and could be part of the honeycombs of the iPad Pro , although nothing is confirmed at the moment. In addition, the flexibility of this type of material would make it possible to integrate Force Touch technology, i.e. it would detect the pressure exerted by the user’s finger just like in the Apple Watch.

The iPad Pro won’t arrive until 2016

On the other hand, from TechRadar they point out that Apple would also be considering the possibility of using a sapphire glass panel on the iPad Pro . In any case, the American company would have to delay its launch and the tablet would not be presented or launched on the market until 2016.

The fact that the iPad Pro incorporates Force Touch would open the door to many possibilities , allowing developers to create new interfaces and enhance the features of the tablet and its large screen. Although to get out of doubts we’ll have to wait a few months, during which time we’ll surely continue to learn more facts and rumors about the iPad Pro.

Would you like the iPad Pro to feature Force Touch technology?

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