The iPad is More Popular Than McDonalds, Disney or Youtube Among Kids

Younger children prefer the iPad to other big brands like McDonalds, Disney or Youtube

The Apple iPad has been a big hit with kids , with an interface that is easy to use and some really innovative applications. In fact, researchers say the Cupertino’s tablet’s amazing rise in popularity in homes has now surpassed names like McDonalds and Disney to become the number one brand among 6- to 12-year-olds in America.

The annual study, conducted by leading youth and research firm Smarty Pants, covers more than 250 brands each year.

The iPad is More Popular Than McDonalds, Disney or Youtube Among Kids
The iPad is More Popular Than McDonalds, Disney or Youtube Among Kids

“The iPad’s number one status among children represents the culmination of the ‘tablet takeover’, a move away from screen sharing and the domination of the TV network to content led by personal devices” , said Wynne Tyree, president of Smarty Pants.

“Children are increasingly likely to use the iPad for games, TV shows, videos, books, help with schoolwork and to communicate with friends and family. “ And as we mentioned in another article, it is very common today to see the ease with which children handle these types of devices.

A popularity that has risen like a lather and remains

In 2014 the firm’s study, has stated that the iPad surpasses iconic brands such as McDonalds, Toys’R’Us, Nickelodeon and Disney . Children see the iPad as a great all-in-one digital tool, giving them a unique sense of independence, researchers say.

Tyree notes that the iPad’s rise to the top of the ranking has been spectacular. “In just five years, the iPad has risen from the 109th rank to be the favorite brand among children.

“From the beginning, it managed to capture the hearts of pre-teens and middle- and upper-class families, but the iPad is now an indispensable part of childhood for the masses.”

A score that exceeds all other brands

Of all the others, the iPad study had the highest score , being 898 out of 1000. Not bad, right?

Apple’s tablet is followed by Hershey (894), Oreo (885), M&M (883), Doritos (868), Cheetos (864), with Skittles and Disney tied at 858. Google’s YouTube got a score of 852, followed by Microsoft Xbox (850); Place of (847); Kit Kat and Nickelodeon (846); Crayola (842); McDonald’s (839); Nintendo Wii (838); and Reese, Chips Ahoy! and the iPod got a tie of 836 points.

On the other hand we see that Netflix’s score was 833, followed by the iPhone (830), Toys ‘R’ Us (830) and Apple (829).

We can see that without a doubt, in global digital entertainment there is an increase among children and families, with brands such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Android and Samsung having notable increases in scores in the study. A measure of children’s awareness, popularity and love of a brand. Together with the iPad, these devices and services provide entertainment that is always on at any time. Offering options that seem endless, tablets and digital content providers are meeting the needs of today’s children.

Because, as the Daily Mail says, the great success lies in being able to have fun and connectivity at any time with just a touch of your fingers.

As we can see thanks to this study, mobile devices like the iPad are being a total success among children, who already know what they like best and what they prefer when it comes to having fun or consuming multimedia content, something that they have undoubtedly learned from us. Do you think it’s good that children are so attached to this type of device?

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