The history of the Apple Store, its origin and expansion

It is clear that the Apple Store is not just a toy in the hands of the apple company. They are a meeting point between the company and the user, a place where customers feel comfortable and where their workers do their best to create that comfort. At the time this seemed crazy to many executives of other companies like Microsoft, today they have theirs in the heart of Manhattan. Who was wrong?

Not long ago I told you how the value of a product does not lie solely in its price but can go much further. When we need , or simply want, a particular product which will help us to perform certain activities more easily or comfortably, there are always doubts or problems concerning its mastery . This is when we cross the price barrier and focus on its value.

The history of the Apple Store, its origin and expansion
The history of the Apple Store, its origin and expansion

We’re talking about the Apple Store , all around the globe.

Today I don’t want to go back to why the price of an Apple product is so high, although if you want to you can check my opinion about it in this article, published last week.

Going back to what is important, the Apple Stores, these commercial premises in which the company has added value, something that as we saw at the beginning, has been added directly to the product .

Steve Jobs said two really important things at the time , both referring to the importance of creating your own shop. A personal place.

If you really think this way, it is impossible not to do what they have done .

After having decided 100% to start this new way of relationship with the user, its expansion has been really impressive all over the world , going from losing a few million dollars to get a profit of more than one billion. Exactly, a billion.

The first Apple Store in international territory opened in Tokyo , Japan, on November 30, 2003. Japan was an early focus of this expansion, quickly gaining five stores by the end of 2005, where it stagnated for the benefit of Europe and in particular, the United Kingdom. By 2009 many more stores were being opened internationally than within the US . In the year 2012, which is almost over, 83% of new stores are located outside the United States.

When examining how many stores have been opened over the course of each year, it becomes clear that there has not been a great deal of variation in the number of new store openings. There is a general upward trend, but they have come in waves with more openings one year and then less next year. The only year in which the number of openings really stands out is 2008 , where there was a solid increase in openings, with a total of 47.

In terms of visitors per store, in 2002 there were around 60,000 visitors per store . Based on the IfoAppleStore data, quarter over quarter these figures vary, but there is a roughly linear rate of average growth, but if we focus on the last quarter of 2012, this average reaches the not inconsiderable figure of 230,000 visitors per store , approximately 17,500 per week.

It has taken ten fiscal quarters for Apple stores to report profits instead of losses. Now the brand cannot be conceived without its own stores , without everything being perfectly adequate so that its users feel safe in the face of any problems with their products and, above all, so that they only worry about getting the most out of them.

Come to buy, come back to learn

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