The embargo on Apple Watch reviews is lifted. The main focus? The battery


One of the main focuses on which they have all been based and which is what really concerns the user who is calibrating his possible purchase, is the battery life . They all seem to come to the same conclusion, the Apple Watch delivers on Apple’s promise of (approx.) day’s duration with normal use of the device. Now it remains to define what Apple considers normal.

The embargo on Apple Watch reviews is lifted. The main focus? The battery
The embargo on Apple Watch reviews is lifted. The main focus? The battery

Everyone seems to agree (the video accompanying these lines at least shows it) that you don’t have too much trouble getting to the end of the day with some battery in the Smartwatch . Joanna Stern from the Wall Street Journal shows us how she manages to extend the duration from seven in the morning until after midnight.

John Gruber of Daring Fireball says that with his use of Smartwatch, he usually comes home with 30 or 20 percent battery power. Only one day, during which he acknowledges that he made (on purpose) an exhaustive use of the Apple Watch, with notifications, phone calls, etc.. He came home with only 5 percent battery life.

Lauren Goode from ReCode , gives similar data, she only points to a day that she got up at five in the morning, she was doing some exercise sessions with the clock and she answered absolutely all the calls she received from the Apple Watch, she checked how at noon the SmartWatch was entering in reserve .

Is your battery sufficient and does it need to be purchased? All the opinions of those who have already been able to use Apple’s SmartWatch for one day are focused on the same questions and these are the ones that most concern the user who is waiting for such analyses.

Do you need the Apple Watch in your daily life? As my philosophy teacher would say, what is really necessary for a person is; eating, drinking, breathing, defecating and urinating… The rest are created needs. We don’t have to be so extreme, but the reality is that what the Apple Watch offers us is the iPhone.

But I agree with the point of view made by Kevin Lynch a few days ago. The Apple Watch arrives to vary the way we handle our notifications throughout the day, perhaps more naturally.

And besides, it gives us the time… It’s like the iPhone, plus we can make phone calls. I think we are at the same starting point that the iPhone was at when the App Store was introduced and at the same starting point that the iPad was at its launch. The ball is in the developers’ court and from day 24, we’ll start seeing a lot of apps.

Some will add features that will become indispensable to many and the truth is that what I’m really looking forward to is to start knowing what it is that they have in store for us, not Apple, the developers.


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