the case that brings a physical keyboard for the iPhone

Imagine that at this point in time of all the technological advances there is still the possibility of having a physical keyboard on your iPhone . If you are a retro lover or still miss a BlackBerry style keyboard, there is a project that has thought of those users and is developing a physical keyboard for your iPhone.

Phsybo’s project

The project is called Phsybo and on its website it makes available to all users and interested parties everything related to this device that promises to replace the idea of using a touch keyboard as we are used to. So this accessory that would connect via Bluetooth would be able to offer other benefits to the keyboard that comes by default on the iPhone.

the case that brings a physical keyboard for the iPhone
the case that brings a physical keyboard for the iPhone

The company mentions that it would be a QWERTY keyboard , with feedback for the night, with greater comfort and accuracy when typing, eliminating errors and allowing typing even without looking . In addition, it would serve as a protective case for the device, which has the ability to be dropped and has been tested in a six-foot drop .


Its design is light and thin , it’s nice, but you can’t help but think that this accessory would add an extra to the size of the device, so users with an iPhone XS, or an iPhone 11 Pro would be tormented by the length of their iPhone, even users of an iPhone 7-8 plus would be affected in the comfort and practicality of their device.

Kickstarter: the pillar of this project

Kickstarter is the digital medium in charge of spreading the purpose . This medium hosts hundreds of different projects that seek sponsorship and donations from individuals or companies in order to carry out their plans. In this case it is the group of Phsybo who has made their project known through kickstarter and thus be able to get the financial support needed to make this physical keyboard for the iPhone a reality.

At the moment Phsybo has collected $1,487.03 dollars and 20 sponsors who are waiting for the project to reach the $200,000 dollars needed to start production. It is not yet known if will be a single case for the iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone 11 Pro models , but if so, it would face another problem, since do not have the same dimensions .

It is a matter of time to see if the project can be supported, as they only have one more week to achieve the figure mentioned. But while that is being defined you can go on to see what are the best Christmas gifts for an Apple fan.

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