The Apple Watch 2 will feature a FaceTime Camera

A few days ago, we discovered that LG would manufacture the screens for the Apple Watch 2, and today we learned that there are rumors that it will also include a camera on the front to make video calls via FaceTime.

But the Apple Watch 2 has many more new features in store, some of which are very interesting. Do you want to know what functions and features it will provide?

Apple Watch 2: FaceTime camera, $1,000 models, and a new Wi-Fi chip

The Apple Watch 2 will feature a FaceTime Camera
The Apple Watch 2 will feature a FaceTime Camera

Many sources have revealed some of the rumors about the second generation Apple Watch. It is very possible that this will be launched in 2016 and its launch will be accompanied by new features such as a front camera, an improved system of independence from the iPhone and a range similar to that of its predecessor.

Without a doubt, one of the most interesting new features of the Apple Watch 2 is the camera for video calls on FaceTime. The Bite Apple company revealed its plans for the camera at the latest developers’ conference in conjunction with the launch of watchOS 2.0.

For the first time, the new software will allow users to answer audio calls from the Apple Watch , plus it will offer video calls that can also be answered on an iPhone. But remember that this is just a rumor and Apple will probably reserve this new video feature for a later model.

More iPhone independence

Under a “tether-less” initiative, Apple is planning an Apple Watch 2 with less dependence on the iPhone. Something that will surely please many users but will also outrage many others. The truth is that the current Apple Watch is too dependent on the iOS smartphone , although it must also be said that the synchronization between its iPhone and watchOS applications is fabulous.

The Apple Watch requires an iPhone for many functions such as activity tracking, mobile payments and music playback . In addition, other features that use Wi-Fi do not work at all, including instant messaging, email, and weather information.

To enhance these aspects Apple plans to integrate a new, more dynamic Wi-Fi chip into Apple Watch 2. Although the second-generation model is rumored to still require an iPhone for the heaviest data transfers.

Find my Watch

Surely many of you have already experienced this, because just like the remote control or the iPhone itself, the Watch can get lost on the couch and in the rest of the house if it is not carried on your wrist all the time. That’s why the new Wi-Fi chip will include the “Find my Watch” feature , since Apple will be able to use triangulation technology via Wi-Fi instead of GPS.


On the other hand, it seems that Apple will focus on slightly improving the battery life of the wearable. Although this will still be quite similar to the current device, which is logical considering that users are quite satisfied with its performance.

According to 9to5mac, Apple’s research on Apple Watch battery life indicates that most users end their day with 30% and 40% battery life remaining in their smartwatches.

New models

Finally, it has been made clear that Apple will work on the production of new models costing between $1,000 and $10,000. It could be that these new second generation VIP models will be made of platinum, palladium, titanium and tungsten .

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What do you think about the new Apple Watch 2? There are many users who are waiting for technology to advance to buy the next second generation Apple wearable. Are you one of them?

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