The Apple Retail Store La Maquinista celebrates its first year

The first Apple Retail Store in our country, La Maquinista’s Apple Store, celebrates its first year today. That September 4, 2010, a dream came true for many followers of the apple, who had been waiting for an official Apple store to open in Spain during yearbooks. Congratulations, Apple Store!

Apple stores, which border on perfection and exude a beauty that is hard to match, are world-renowned and famous. Their architecture is one of their strengths, but not the one we should take into account the most. A huge group of employees have worked hard to make sure that everyone who enters them walks out the door with a big smile and proud of the possible purchase they have made. The legacy of ten years of openings around the world, landed in 2010 in our country, thus formalizing the desire of many macheros eager for an official opening of an Apple Retail in Spain . The result was the Apple Store in La Maquinista, Barcelona, which just today celebrates its first year .

The Apple Retail Store La Maquinista celebrates its first year
The Apple Retail Store La Maquinista celebrates its first year

Server was present at the opening of the store, standing in line from the very first hour of the morning. The opening was scheduled for 10 a.m., but around seven o’clock we arrived to be one of the first in Spain to set foot in the official store of the block. I found a rather long queue, and I learned that there were people who had even spent the night in front of the store’s doors. To make the hours more fleeting, they brought us water, coffee and food . Clearly, every detail was taken care of perfectly just as Apple likes it. At nine o’clock the press came in to take the first look, and at ten o’clock the doors were opened for the hundreds of fans to come in and see the result of so many years of waiting. Applauded and acclaimed by the workers and with a free T-shirt in our hands, we were inside and surrounded by those four walls that housed all the Apple products. The distribution is known to practically all of us. Big tables with the gadgets and computers on top so that anyone could try them out and touch them. In the background, all the accessories and programs, with the Genius Bar in the foreground. Without realising it, we were inside the biggest Apple Retail in a shopping centre in Europe . The Specialists (sellers), could not cope. Still, it was impossible to wipe that big smile off their face. Two hours after the opening, the store could not fit a soul. Everywhere you looked, it was full of excited people, apple lovers or curious people who passed by to see what all the fuss was about. Around noon, we decided to leave and go home.

A week later, he would open the second retail store in Spain, in this case located in Madrid, the Xanadu Apple Store. Things haven’t gone badly in a year. So much so that the Parquesur Apple Store has just opened and there are three major openings planned in the short term, such as the one in Valencia, a second in Barcelona and another in Malaga .

We will soon be talking about six stores in the country, which more than a year ago was hard to believe for many of us.

Here’s a video I shot myself on the day of the grand opening.

Apple Store La Maquinista, inauguración

(Edited by Albert Frutos): At the end of the article, I leave you with a gallery of photos taken by myself, since I was lucky enough to be able to spend the night in the shopping centre, a night that was undoubtedly (as Jobs himself would say) magical for all of us who lived it. In addition, I did a live follow up for my old blog, the images (different from the ones I publish at the end of the article) of which can be found in this Flickr gallery.


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