The Apple iPad Air 2 Battery Tested

The battery of the new iPad Air 2

undergoes several tests

The iPad Air 2 is already on sale in several markets and with it the first tests are beginning to arrive. One of the tests that are usually done to the devices when they reach the market is related to the battery. Generally, Apple does not usually announce what the battery capacity of its devices is, but it does announce what autonomy it offers in hours. Apple announced that its autonomy was up to 10 hours , but now some tests have come to light in which the results are not as expected.

The Apple iPad Air 2 Battery Tested
The Apple iPad Air 2 Battery Tested

Despite the fact that the apple company boasts a great deal of autonomy , it must be said that the iPad Air 2 has less autonomy than the first generation , which is logical considering that the latest model has a battery with less capacity and more powerful components. While the iPad Air has an 8,820mAh battery inside , the second version has 7,340mAh, almost 17% less capacity .

Apple wanted to make an even thinner and lighter tablet , but they had to sacrifice some things, including the size of the battery. A few days ago we told you that after iFixit took apart the iPad Air 2 it was discovered that its capacity had been reduced, but today we bring you the results of the first tests carried out to check the battery life.

How long does the iPad Air 2 battery last?

As shown in the picture, the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 is in first place with a duration of almost 9 hours, followed by the iPad Air with 8 hours and 38 minutes and the iPad Air 2 in third place with a duration of 7 hours and 27 minutes . In terms of duration, the decrease from one model to another is one hour and 11 minutes, which means it lasts 14% less.

As we said before, the fact that the iPad Air 2 is much thinner means that some components need to be modified. This time, Apple has had to decrease the battery capacity of its tablet, reducing it by almost 17% compared to the previous model.

All tablets are tested under the same conditions

To perform this test, PhoneArena says that all tablets are subjected to the same conditions. Among other things, the screen is calibrated to 200 nits and a script is run that simulates an average use that runs continuously in a loop until the battery runs out.

Apple claims that although the battery capacity on iPad Air 2 has been reduced, it does not affect the battery life , which is up to 10 hours. However, these tests show that this is not the case and that its autonomy is somewhat shorter. However, it should also be noted that the battery life varies according to the use we make of it and the configuration we have in the device, as some functions consume more energy than others.

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