The 6 best apps for downloading music from iPhone and iPad

Downloading music directly to an iPhone or iPad is possible and, in many cases, a really simple task that will take no more than a few seconds if we know how. Today we’d like to tell you about several applications available on the App Store that make it easy for us to download songs (or play them) from our iOS devices.

The options for downloading music that we have today are very varied, from computer programs, to mobile apps that we can find for different platforms. As we are loyal to Apple products today we will talk about options to download music from iPhone and iPad in a simple and fast way . In addition, we will also include some options that allow us to play music without any complications and with which we can access practically any song at any time we want.

The 6 best apps for downloading music from iPhone and iPad
The 6 best apps for downloading music from iPhone and iPad

It’s true that the App Store rules make it difficult for applications that are exclusively for downloading free music from the Internet, but there are still some that we can do it with and others that give us access to music, either for free or for a small fee. Let’s go with our collection of apps.

Total Pro

Downloading certain types of files from the Internet is not always easy, but with Total Pro it’s different, because makes it much easier to download almost any type of file . Thanks to this application we can, for example, download music videos from Youtube and then enjoy them offline as often as we like. In this way we can easily create our own music library.

In addition, we can also access audio streaming sites and download the files to keep them stored on our iPhone (or pass them to other devices) and listen to them whenever we want.


MediaCloud does not exactly allow you to download music from the Internet, but it does allow you to play any audio or video file you have stored in the cloud . This way we can, for example, upload our MP3 collection to services like SoundCloud or Dropbox and play them from anywhere through this app without having to occupy our iPhone’s storage space. A very important option to take into account, especially if we have the equipment with 16 GB of storage capacity.

Freegal Music

Another app to listen to music from our iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. In this case it is necessary to be a member of a library that is part of Freegal and, if you have that membership number, we can access digitally to the entire music catalog they offer. More than 9 million songs in MP3 format , from popular artists at present, to a huge retrospective collection that will delight any music lover.


Spotify is possibly the most popular streaming music service we can find today . It was the first legal streaming music service that was really successful and that has made it a leader in the industry. In this case, it does not allow us to download music and play it anywhere, but it does allow us to synchronize songs to listen to them on our iPhones without the need for an Internet connection in exchange for a small monthly fee. A perfect service for anyone who is constantly listening to music, especially if that person likes to change artists and genres.


It’s not exactly an app that allows you to download music to an iPhone for free, but it is a very useful app for anyone who likes to have the hits that sound on the radio or anywhere else. Shazam allows us to identify practically any song , for this we simply have to open the app and let it “listen” for a few seconds to a song, then it will identify what song it is thanks to its huge database and it will show us some links to buy the song or play it on certain streaming music services such as Apple Music or even on free sites such as Youtube.

FM radio

An app that has a million users throughout Spain can not be a bad application and that’s why we decided to include it in this list. With Radio FM we will have access to more than 200 Spanish radios and hundreds of international radios . Thanks to this the access to music we will have will be almost endless, as well as other types of programming such as music programs, entertainment, news, etc, etc…

Do you know other apps for downloading music from iPhone and iPad?

So far our collection of apps to download or listen to music directly from our iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch . Do you know other apps that you think should be on this list? Tell us in the comments to have the most complete compilation.

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