that’s the new Apple Store in Macau

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that’s the new Apple Store in Macau
that’s the new Apple Store in Macau


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And just when we thought that the new Apple stores in Milan and Chicago were already the leading exponents of functional design at Apple, the company once again left us speechless with its new Macao store . This special administrative region of China will host one of those stores where a visit is completely justified.

On the outside, the new Apple Store in Macau is still a huge cube similar to the one we can already see in stores like the one in Union Square in San Francisco. But its material is not that grey stone we are used to, but a kind of light green marble that is made in such a way that it lets the light through .

From Engadget Korea and on the social networks we can see more pictures of both the exterior and interior of the store:

Notice how the green marble lets light into the store. The trick is achieved thanks to a process of laminating this material, which is then interspersed with several layers of glass . The direct benefit is that natural light enters, but the high temperatures and humidity levels of the city remain outside.

Also noteworthy are the impressive bamboo plants that Apple has placed in the center of the store, ranging from the ground floor to the top floor:

As with the other recent stores, this new location has a huge screen and a series of benches and stools to accommodate the Today at Apple sessions. Sessions that, by the way, have won a prize in the last edition of Cannes Lions.

This new Apple Store will open tomorrow, June 29 at 10 am local time, in a few hours. We’d love to see translucent walls like these in other Apple Stores, because the idea is fantastic.

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