That’s Swarm, the New Foursquare App for iPhone

Today we will take an in-depth look at the new and successful Swarm application of Foursquare . iMore

The application, a priori, is based on the same basic concepts as Foursquare, but with some pretty interesting changes. Swarm is a very useful alternative when it comes to finding out what our contacts are doing, planning outings or activities and discovering where we might meet them.

Foursquare takes a step forward with the Swarm application

That’s Swarm, the New Foursquare App for iPhone
That’s Swarm, the New Foursquare App for iPhone

The first thing we thought of when we were downloading the Swarm application to our iPhone via the App Store was: “Why use Swarm when I already use Foursquare’s services”…

Well, first of all and after several hours of use, we realized that the Swarm application is totally different from anything we knew from Foursquare. The main difference is that Swarm is clearly focused on finding plans and creating events to allow our friends to join us.

While Foursquare worked as a kind of social network for all our contacts, Swarm focuses only on those friends and family who are close to us .

The main screen shows us all those users who are in the neighborhood, those who are a few kilometers away and those who are even further away. If we’re looking for something to do we’ll just post a message in our state and let all our contacts respond if they’re interested.

The iPhone Swarm application is capable of working in the background, so will send us alerts in the form of notifications when our friends and family are nearby or want to meet up for any kind of activity.

The only bad thing about this last feature we mentioned is obviously the constant use of GPS functionality and its consequent drain on the battery.

Finally, it is interesting to note that Swarm fits perfectly with Facebook Messenger, Twitter and SMS messages.

In short, we liked Swarm for its ingenious and practical usability , as well as for the aesthetic design of its user interface. An interface that is also quite similar to Foursquare’s. On the other hand, it seems that not many users have switched to Swarm yet, but hopefully the number of users will grow gradually.

Download Swarm

You can get the new Foursquare app on the iPhone from here:

How about Swarm? Do you use their services regularly? If not, what application do you use to meet up with your friends or family?


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