Test the Apple Watch Sport Ion-X Glass

A few weeks ago we saw the strength of the Apple Watch with sapphire glass used in the stainless steel version and the Apple Watch Edition. However, the strength of the Ion-X glass used in the Apple Watch Sport , which we had our doubts about until now, remained to be seen.

In Unbox Therapy, they have taken pre-production crystals , which are exactly the same as those used in the Apple Watch Sport that is on sale.

Test the Apple Watch Sport Ion-X Glass
Test the Apple Watch Sport Ion-X Glass

For the stress test, they use a wrench, a knife, steel wool, and sandpaper of different grain to try to damage the glass, which behaves quite well in bad weather, but is not spared from scratches.

It is capable of supporting the knife, the key and the steel wool – which is no small thing. The problem comes when they start rubbing it with sandpaper, which starts to eat away at the protective layer and that’s when the first marks appear. So as not to be sapphire, it certainly responds really well to mistreatment . In normal daily use it will hold up perfectly well, and it is only possible to grate Iron-X under extreme conditions.

Let’s remember that sandpapers had nothing to do with sapphire glass , but we are looking at the second most scratch-resistant material after diamond. The strange thing is that it was possible to damage it in this type of test. This is why it is used both in camera crystals and as a screen material.

The Apple Watch Sport, due to its lower price, cannot enjoy the sapphire crystal, which is also heavier . In this version, the lightness and the use of less premium materials prevail, but not for that reason of worse quality.

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