Tamara Hunter becomes Apple’s new head of casting

For many months now we have been talking about how Apple is preparing a series of multimedia contents for its Apple Music subscribers, creating a platform of contents on demand that will be presented in the year 2019 according to most rumours . We have echoed numerous signings by Apple to bring this project to fruition and the last one we have met was Tamara Hunter, Apple’s new head of casting, who has been ‘snatched’ from Sony itself.

The Hollywood Reporter was the medium that was able to get the details of this transfer. Tamara Hunter undoubtedly has unquestionable experience in the world of multimedia production as she has behind her very important professional experiences such as her time with Sony.

Tamara Hunter becomes Apple’s new head of casting
Tamara Hunter becomes Apple’s new head of casting

Obviously your job will not be easy as you will have to choose with good judgment the actors who will play the roles of the original Apple series, under the direction of James Erlicht and Zack van Amburg. We expect great actors to cover the roles of Apple’s programming, and we have no doubt because last week we were aware of a possible signing: Richard Gere.

This kind of news is only getting more interest for this new platform, since the details are still very diffuse and we don’t have much idea of how exactly its structure will be. Competing with Netflix or HBO is quite complicated due to the lack of content, but we will have to wait for everything they have prepared for 2019.

This service may be completely free for users or they may choose to integrate it into their monthly Apple Music subscription. What we do expect is that at WWDC 2019 we can see everything they have ready, even if you do not expect a very impressive catalogue because remember that Apple has many open fronts in the world of technology and obviously does not focus all its efforts on multimedia production.

The service sector is quite important for the company in its quarterly income and it is logical that they want to boost it with this idea. If they implement it together with Apple Music there is no doubt that subscriptions will increase as they will offer together with their music service a film service and series something that Spotify does not have. If they keep the same price Apple Music will have a subscription boom, but as we said this is just speculation.

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