Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt, caught drinking coffee


Jobs and Schmidt were caught in the act while was drinking coffee on a terrace in Calafia , Palo Alto ( California ), just like any other celebrity from the tabloids. In fact, Wired’s original entry makes a little joke about it, titling his post “Jobs and Schmidt together again”. Actually, it is curious and unusual to find two such important people drinking coffee in public and possibly talking business.

Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt, caught drinking coffee
Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt, caught drinking coffee

The informant who took the photos ( I refuse to call him paparazzi ), has commented to Gizmodo that Jobs spoke euphorically about “content on the web” , while Schmidt simply listened without saying a word. When Jobs realized that there were starting to be too many people watching them, he said “… but we’d better discuss this somewhere more private”.

The cafeteria where they were belongs to a senior Google official, which should rule out the “Jobs was passing by and Schmidt was found”. Perhaps an informal meeting or a first approach with white flag by Jobs. Or something else…

Did you notice that there is an iPad on top of the table? No, it’s not an iPad, but the menu of the restaurant…

In any case, it is clear that the relations between the two companies do not have to be as black as they are painted, because even if now is not the best time between them, it is clear that they need each other and must find common points . Or simply, they were two old friends having a coffee, after all they are human too…

… Humans with a Mercedes SL55, Jobs’ iCar. Look at the number plate: He had to ask for a special number plate because normal ones were stolen when he parked his car on the street. This man is a case.

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