Status Board, Panic information panel arrives

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The iPad has become a good ally for quick and regular consultation of information. We use it for mail, weather, calendars and much more. Against this background Panic has launched an application called Status Board .

Status Board is an application with several panels offering different types of information on a single screen, all accessible at a glance . And all customizable to show the ones we are interested in as we want.

Status Board, Panic information panel arrives
Status Board, Panic information panel arrives

Status Board allows you to access all the information you are interested in at a glance

We will have six panels where we will show the clock, analog or digital, of the place of the world we want; time, temperature and forecast for four days; calendar, mail, Twitter and RSS. Additionally, three pro panels that offer the possibility of uploading a .json or csv file with the information we want and Status Board shows it with a graph; HTML or CSV data tables and finally the option to create our own panels using HTML.

To all this we can change the size of the panels, the design, use the application in vertical or horizontal, select the data sources and how they are displayed. Plus the possibility of sharing the configuration so that others can make use of it quickly and without repeating the process of adjusting everything.

An application that can be interesting for companies or businesses that will be able to show or have a site from which to monitor their services. In addition we will be able to send the signal to an external screen through HDMI or AirPlay although previously we will have to buy this option through the purchases integrated in the application. A detail that I do not agree with because its price is 8.99 euros that we will add to the 8.99 euros of the application.

The Status Board is compatible with the iPad and requires iOS 5.0 or higher. Its price, 8.99 euros . As a curiosity, the application was originally created by Panic for their own use but they liked it so much when they showed a screenshot that they started to create it and make it available to anyone interested in it.


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