spots appear on MacBook Pro screens

El MacBook Air y el MacBook Pro se renuevan hoy, con sorpresa para el Pro de 13″

Something’s wrong with some MacBook Pro drives with retinal displays. It seems that the anti-reflective layer on their displays is deteriorating , leaving obvious stains on the panels that can be seen from certain angles. It happens with laptops sold between June 2012 and today.

spots appear on MacBook Pro screens
spots appear on MacBook Pro screens

Apple’s responses to this issue have varied from case to case. Some have received a response that this is ” only a cosmetic issue ,” while others have seen the MacBook Pro repaired under AppleCare’s warranty. There have been isolated cases of this defect for some time, but it seems that much more is happening lately .

It is “normal” for these spots to appear unobtrusively on some edges of the screen. But there are cases, as in the following image, that are much more serious:

So far, about 200 users have organized on the website in search of a collective solution from Apple, and encourage anyone with the same problem to register on the website by uploading photos of their specific case. We will have to be on the lookout for any official response from Cupertino.

Thank you to all of you who have told us the news!

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