Sony QX10 and QX100, revolutionary cameras to use with our iPhone

The camera on the iPhone, as promoted by Apple, is one of the most used. IFA 2013Más información Still, there are those who need more, a higher-quality sensor, manual control options, and optical zoom.

Many of you will think that a compact, an SLR or a CSC is the option. True, but if you want something that complements your iPhone then the solution is provided by Sony. The Japanese manufacturer has launched two revolutionary cameras, Sony QX10 and QX100 .

Sony QX10 and QX100, revolutionary cameras to use with our iPhone
Sony QX10 and QX100, revolutionary cameras to use with our iPhone

Sony’s idea is to eliminate everything that our mobile phone can replace, the screen. Thus, the new cameras are “only” a lens with a sensor and the necessary electronics to communicate with our iOS devices, also Android terminals.

Sony QX10 and QX100

The first model is the QX10 , a device with an 18MP XMOR CMOS sensor capable of shooting using ISO values between 100 and 12800, except for video where it only reaches 3200 ISO. The lens is a G-series lens with an aperture of f3.3-5.9 and a 10x zoom.

The model QX100 has a 20MP sensor, identical to one of the most interesting current Sony cameras, the Sony RX100 II. With an aperture of f1.8-4.9 and Carl-Zeiss Vario technology Sonnar T is able to offer a 3.6x zoom.

Both include the ability to use a memory card to store the photos we take, without having to occupy the memory of our device.


Both products would be connected to the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad via the wifi connection through a special application . From there, those of you who have been able to use one of the GoPro that allows you to view photos and videos on the iPhone will already know how it goes.

From the application we will be able to control the settings of both lenses that will be attached to the terminal by means of an accessory although it is clear that we will also be able to use them separately. Something that facilitates the photos from complicated angles and other situations.

Success or failure?

A product like this raises an important question: will it be a success or a failure? Considering the popularity of the iOS platform among photography lovers I think it will succeed. It won’t be overwhelming, it’s clear that the best camera is the one you can always carry with you and nothing is more comfortable than simply using our iPhone. Still, I find the possibilities it offers very powerful.

In addition, accompanied by some apps as existing publishers in iOS and their price, $250 and $500 , I think they will get their audience. Now you just have to try them out.

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