Snapheal, easily delete content from your images

One of the features that surprised us all during the presentation of Photoshop CS5 at the time was a function called Content-Aware, this option allows you to remove content from your photographs as if by magic . Mac App Store

The feature is of course amazing and sometimes works very well, but of course, paying a license for Photoshop (considering its price) just for that doesn’t make much sense. So if you’re just looking for such a function, an interesting alternative is Snapheal, a program that does the same for much less money .

Snapheal, easily delete content from your images
Snapheal, easily delete content from your images

The operation is identical to Photoshop. With this program and using layers, we must select the content we want to remove from the photograph: the more precise this process is, the better the final result. Once the content is selected, the application will process the image and replace the selection.

The result, as in Photoshop, varies greatly from one photograph to another, being in some cases the result practically perfect and in others improvable. The application has a price of 5.99 euros so it can be very useful for anyone who loves photo retouching.

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