Smartr Contacts, your social life at a glance

Smartr Contacts is the application that came from Android to help us have all the information of our contacts in a comfortable and simple way. Free and intuitive, it allows us to group the contacts from the mail, traditional phone book and social networks in a single application to communicate more easily.

Today, all of us are surrounded by a large amount of information , so much so that it is often difficult for us to cover it. We find that sometimes we have to combine the use of several applications to be able to keep up to date properly, which is tremendously uncomfortable.

Smartr Contacts, your social life at a glance
Smartr Contacts, your social life at a glance

And so was born Smartr Contacts, an application that was already in Android and now gives the step to the iOS ecosystem. With it we can organize all those contacts so that with a single glance and in a single application, we can have an easy access to all of them and their most relevant data .

The application takes care of sorting the profiles of all our contacts in a simple and easy way, presenting us with the conversations, statistics, activities and other aspects of everyone we have added in some way to our device.

The first point in your favor is the free . Once we access the AppStore we can download it and we’ll be asked to create an account in which we’ll group all the information from the other applications we want it to connect to, and then synchronize all the information in the cloud.

In the next step he asks us which services we want to synchronize with , Twitter, Facebook, Linkedln… I have tried with Twitter and Gmail, since I don’t have an excessive number of contacts in them and I didn’t want the synchronization process to be too slow. Once the synchronization was done, I was very impressed by the careful visual aspect that has been given to the interface, nice and elegant, and in which we see different elements of the contact such as mail, phone and if possible its location.

Of all the program I have noticed two sections that have been the most used and that appear in the form of tabs when we access a contact individually. They are the tabs History and Common .

The first tab shows a history of our communications with a specific person but in the form of a bar graph, with the moments when we have had the highest density of communications. In Common, the second tab to be highlighted, shows contacts that both we and that friend in whose profile we are browsing , have and have added.

In both cases, apart from the details of our acquaintances, offers us the possibility of choosing how we want to contact him , either by SMS, mail or through a particular network to which it is aimed.

Smart Contacts

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It is a tremendously comfortable, simple and carefully designed application , which is well worth trying and much more being free. It has reminded me of another application I’ve always installed, Tweetdeck, and I’ll talk about it another day.

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