Skype updates for iOS 10

With the new possibilities and innovations brought about by the incorporation of the new version of the iOS 10 system, many of the applications have decided to be updated to incorporate new functionalities and new features. In this case it has been the application of Skype that has taken the step.

Skype updates for iPhone

One of the novelties brought by the new update is the compatibility with Siri. As we mentioned earlier, one of the great jobs of the Californian firm has been to implement new Siri features into the system. This is why from iOS 10 onwards, Skype support for the iPhone is supported.

Skype updates for iOS 10
Skype updates for iOS 10

In addition, by using the Siri commands we can make a call with Skype and at the same time answer the calls received from the application directly from the blocking screen , as if it were a common call.

Another novelty introduced in the app is the security enhancement . Since we’ll be able to know if there are any bot bottoms among our contacts and we also have the option to invite them to a new Skype conversation directly from the global contact list. This way makes the app easier to use and manage .

New features for iOS

On the other hand, we can store all the Skype contacts and join them with the ones we have saved in the iPhone . As a curious detail now Skype allows the use of the Israeli currency (sequel) to make payments. So if we decide to travel abroad we can pay for services with the local currency.

Let’s emphasize that Skype is one of the most used tools in voice systems. The trajectory of this service is very long and although the main functionality remains the same, it is worth noting the progressive evolution of the service in order to meet new consumer requests, adapting to new technologies of the moment.

Despite the large catalogue of similar services offered by the market, there is no doubt that Skype is one of the most used voice services worldwide. Will you be adding other new features to the iPhone application?

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