Setting Do Not Disturb Mode for iPhone and iPad

One of the main functions of the Notification Center is that it allows us to stay on top of almost any alert . Sometimes these alerts can be annoying because we are on a break, on our vacation period or simply because we want to disconnect.

If we find ourselves in one of those situations described above, the Do Not Disturb mode is very useful for us, because although the beep or vibration of the alerts will not bother us , we will have the same ones available for when we pick up the phone again.

Setting Do Not Disturb Mode for iPhone and iPad
Setting Do Not Disturb Mode for iPhone and iPad

Today we present a guide for setting up Do Not Disturb mode so that you can get to know all its possibilities and give it full rein.

Enable Do not disturb

Enabling the Do Not Disturb function is very easy. Simply slide your finger from the bottom of the screen up to open the menu and click on the icon at the top right, which is a crescent moon . Once tapped, it is activated and our iPhone or iPad is muted completely or only in some aspects depending on our settings.

If we have the Do not disturb mode activated, at the top of the main screen, next to the battery icon, we will have a crescent crescent . To deactivate it, you have to take the same steps exactly as to activate it, open the menu, press again, and check that the crescent moon has disappeared from the left side of the battery icon.

Schedule Do Not Disturb for specific times

To program Do not disturb for specific times, or in other words for a specific time period, enter , select , slide your finger to activate the function , and set the time period you want to set so that the Do not disturb function is active.

We can only program one block of time, so Apple in the future, if it tries to improve this function, should perhaps add the possibility of programming more than one block , which would increase its usefulness, for example, to program one block of time for the hours when we are working or studying, and another for the time when we are sleeping. We can also use some tweaks like DNDPro, which we discussed earlier, to improve this function.

Setting up Do Not Disturb for your calls

To configure all the Do Not Disturb mode possibilities for your calls, we must follow the following steps. First, go to Settings , select Do Not Disturb and the first option we find is Allow calls from . We can thus set that despite Do Not Disturb mode, calls from our Favorites, all calls, no one’s calls, or calls from a specific group, take their normal course and are not affected by Do Not Disturb mode.

The second possibility is that of Repeated calls , which if activated allows the call not to be muted if in less than 3 minutes the same person has called us more than once. Finally, we can configure whether the call mute will always occur, or only while the iPhone is locked.

If you have any questions about how to set up Do Not Disturb mode for your iPhone or iPad, just leave a comment below and we will be able to help you as much as possible.

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