Second-hand iPhone: where to buy and sell

The second-hand market is becoming increasingly popular in our society. In the particular case of smartphones, this is a reality, since the sometimes prohibitive price of these on the market ‘forces’ us to go to a device already used but in good condition. This works for both buyers and sellers, who can still make money from their handsets if they have purchased a new one. In this post we show you the best places to buy or sell an iPhone.

Used Apples

You can enter Used Apples by clicking here

Second-hand iPhone: where to buy and sell
Second-hand iPhone: where to buy and sell

This is probably one of the best portals for buying/selling all kinds of Apple products. It registers private users looking to sell their products. Whether you are selling or looking for an iPhone, you will see that the products must have images, description, price and contact form. The process of selling is simple and the portal guarantees that there are no scams or anything else strange. Once an agreement has been reached for the device, the seller sends it and once the buyer receives it he is already obliged to issue payment if he is satisfied with it, and if not he must return it as soon as possible or the company will take legal action against him.


You can download Wallapop by clicking here

I’m sure that before entering this article you were already expecting this application to be one of the options. This is a popular app with which you can put on sale and buy all kinds of second hand products and even sometimes brand new products without them being taken out of their packaging. In this app you will find many iPhone vendors , of any model and status. We recommend that you take a close look at and always try to ask for the original invoice to verify the authenticity of the device. You can also sell an iPhone yourself, in which case we also recommend that you be very careful if someone tries to scam you, so it’s better that you don’t give out any personal details and just do the transaction from the application itself .


You can search for used iPhone on Amazon by clicking here

Amazon’s famous portal is probably one of the online places where more new iPhones are bought every year. What you may not know is that here you can also find refurbished iPhones . What does this mean? It means that the iPhone is already used, but that it is in good condition both externally and internally, since its main components such as battery and screen are one hundred percent new. The savings can be considerable. In the case that you are a seller, there is also the possibility of including your device in Amazon, but the process is somewhat more complex.


You can enter eBay by clicking here

As with Amazon, on this site we can also buy or sell a second-hand iPhone. The case of eBay is perhaps best known for this type of second hand product although the main difference with Amazon is that here the devices are sold by individuals and do not have to be reconditioned. It is therefore important that if you are going to buy, you do so from a buyer who gives you sufficient guarantees. If you are going to sell you should know that the company takes a percentage of the transaction , but guarantees that you will receive the money from the sale.


You can enter the Vibbo website by clicking here

The portal of was very popular for years and was a reference in terms of buying and selling second-hand items among individuals . A few years ago it was renamed Vibbo, but with the same essence. Here you can post your ad free of charge , although if you want your ad to be seen more often and they can buy your iPhone sooner you can pay to give it preference over others. Of course you will also have the opportunity to buy an iPhone if that is what you are looking for.


You can enter the Milanuncios website by clicking here

Another of the best known portals for second-hand products is It is probably more focused in recent times on houses and cars, but in its extensive catalogue of private ads we can see dozens of second-hand iPhones for sale. As with others like Vibbo, you can also post your ad here for free.

Use your social networks

Classic “word of mouth” is sometimes the best sales method for a device like an iPhone. In this case we apply the term to the virtual environment and that is that posting on your personal Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp account can be a great option if a close contact is interested or knows of someone who is. In the case that it’s the other way around, that you’re the one looking for an iPhone, you could put an ad that you’re looking for a specific model so that sellers will come to you.

Do you know of any other websites or applications suggested for buying or selling an iPhone? You can tell us in the comment box.

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