Screen sharing with AppleCare


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Screen sharing with AppleCare
Screen sharing with AppleCare

AppleCare is the premier service for any issue we have with our Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, or any other Apple product. In addition, Cupertino’s company is always trying to improve this support, that’s why from today we can request to share our screen with the technician while we fix our Mac of any software incidence you have.

In recent years we have seen AppleCare, the support system for Apple devices has gradually evolved to provide better support for its users . Not long ago they activated their online chat 24 hours a day and we have seen how they are always training their workers for the new products launched.

To make the user experience even better from now on, when we connect with AppleCare, we can share our desktop so they can solve our problem themselves. Until now, we’ve had to follow the technician’s instructions, which can be a little difficult for the average user.

To share our desktop, all we have to do is download a small program that will be offered by AppleCare when we make a phone call . This support is not yet available when we contact by chat or any other means. In addition, the service is limited to certain specific issues, especially those centered on software because of course, if we cannot boot the computer because of X hardware issues then the screen sharing program will be of little use.


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