Samsung will compete with the HomePod with a new product

At this year’s WWDC, Apple surprised us with a new product for the Apple ecosystem, the HomePod. This new device will compete directly with the Amazon Echo or the speaker of the giant Google. This new equipment has been limited to a number of very specific countries, which is a pity for us since we will not be able to have it in Spain or Latin America, and furthermore, it will arrive to these countries with some delay.

Samsung didn’t want to be left behind, and like Cupertino’s, they’ve also developed a smart speaker with a South Korean signature, which will be very focused on audio quality.

Samsung will compete with the HomePod with a new product
Samsung will compete with the HomePod with a new product

The prototypes that have been seen of this new Samsung equipment are of a size between the HomePod and the Amazon Echo and in a varied range of colors including a matte black. This would not have any kind of screen to interact with the device leaving everything on the smartphone itself.

On the top, just like on the HomePod, there is a small light that indicates that it is connected. We have learned that just like the Apple smart speaker will be integrated into its ecosystem, obviously, so will this Samsung smart speaker, so we assume it will be integrated with Bixby.

The price is the real controversy we’re going to find. Samsung is expected to price it at around $200, when its counterpart at Apple is currently priced at $349. Is it worth the difference? We’ll have to see the comparisons between the two smart computers.

I applaud this competition, because s what it will do is stimulate companies to improve since they do not have the market won , having to win an audience with a quality product and a good price.

Let me know in the comment box what you think about it.

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