Renfe tickets in Passbook are possible

Passbook is an Apple service that has not made much noise but it is starting to be integrated in more and more companies, both domestic and foreign. It is mainly the airlines that use it to store air tickets. But not only the airlines, because for example, since recently, Renfe also offers the possibility to use Passbook for our long distance and AVE tickets.

If you are a regular user of the trains in Spain, that is, those of Renfe, this news will make you happy, because you can forget about carrying physical tickets behind you, Renfe has decided to support Passbook . In other words, we can now store our Renfe tickets in Passbook in a simple and easy way.

Renfe tickets in Passbook are possible
Renfe tickets in Passbook are possible

Until now Renfe offered something similar, a simple web page with a QR code that had all the information of the ticket, however, from now on we can keep them in Passbook together with other event tickets or tickets we have.

The process to add the ticket in Passbook is very simple. When we buy the ticket online we finally have the possibility to save it in different places, one of them is Passbook, if we click on that option we will be sent an email with the link to save it in the Passbook application for iPhone and iPod touch.

From the official website of Renfe we are told that the tickets in Passbook are totally valid , so we can assume that there will be no problem when we have to check the ticket. On the other hand, for now only long distance and AVE tickets are valid.

A great advance by the company , without a doubt, but for the vast majority of users it is a useless function, since they use much more suburban or regional trains, so let’s hope that Renfe takes this into account and soon we will see compatibility for the tickets of these trains.

I have personally used Passbook on more than one occasion and I find it hard to understand why Spanish companies find it so hard to understand that it is one of the simplest and most popular ways for consumers to manage their tickets. I trust that soon we will see more companies using this service and soon we will have a stable use of Passbook in Spain. And you, do you use Passbook?

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