Recent versions of iOS 7 point to new Apple TV with new hardware


During these days we have been able to see the appearance of rumors talking about a new Apple TV with access to the App Store and with the possibility of installing certain iOS applications . The truth is that Apple has been taking steps to make this possible, as we’ve seen how they’ve taken the Apple TV set out of the iPod range and given it its own place in the Apple Online Store.

Recent versions of iOS 7 point to new Apple TV with new hardware
Recent versions of iOS 7 point to new Apple TV with new hardware

And now, thanks to some developers with access to the different Betas that are being released from iOS 7.1 we can know that they refer to a new version of Apple TV. Between lines and lines of code we can see references to an Apple TV 4.1 which did not appear before and which does not correspond to the Apple TV we have available today. Apparently this reference is from the first version of iOS 7, but it has not been discovered so far.

The current model of Apple TV is the 3.2 launched in 2013, which implemented the A5 chip. The 3.1 model is the one that included the ability to play 1080p content and the 2.1 is the first Apple TV to have an iOS-based OS installed. And now it seems that during this year we will see a new version of the Apple TV.

There is a lot of talk about the possibility that includes Bluetooth to be able to connect remotes wirelessly, and of course, the possibility of accessing the App Store to download mainly games and perhaps some social application such as Facebook or Twitter. There is also talk of the ability to function as a wireless router and there is the possibility that you can put a cable TV signal to show more channels through the Apple TV, although this seems more unlikely, since it would enter directly to compete with the future Apple TV (if produced).

My personal opinion is that we will see an update of Apple TV this first half of the year , although some sources point to a joint presentation with the iPhone. I see it as a bit meaningless, since such a presentation of the iPhone would bring a new iOS with it, and it would not make sense to put references to the new Apple TV in iOS 7 since September.


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