Reasons why the iPhone is the best phone in the world

As we can observe day by day in the mobile phone market, there are more and more phones available of a very high quality in spite of being very recent. Examples of the latter are the cases of Xiaomi’s terminals and OnePlus, the former because it is already taking over the market in China very close to Samsung or even surpassing it depending on the source, and the latter because of the tremendous noise of its powerful phone in its recent appearance on the market.

The gap between the devices that equip Android and the iPhone has narrowed in recent years, as the different brands have gradually brought out very good quality terminals, and which usually have a strong point that differentiates them from the competition , whether camera, screen, sound or simply more powerful features than the rest. Windows Phone, although still a minority, has also strived to sell quality products, and their phones are in some cases equipped with the best cameras.

Reasons why the iPhone is the best phone in the world
Reasons why the iPhone is the best phone in the world

Be that as it may, and in spite of all this, the Apple iPhone still retains some details that make us many consider it the best phone in the world . Some of these details are revealed below.

Excellent manufacturing materials

One thing that clearly outperforms its competitors is the materials it is made of . No other brand has made its handsets look as elegant and premium as Apple has made its handsets look from the first iPhone to the last. We even dare to say that when you make an iPhone out of polycarbonate, like the 5c, it looks and feels much better than most other brands.

An enviable camera in several aspects

While on paper, the competition has an advantage over Apple in this respect, things change when in practice we are preparing to take a photograph. There are many people who greatly value aspects such as the speed with which the photos are shot, the ease and simplicity with which the camera is used or the good quality of its flash, and in these specific aspects, it would give the iPhone an advantage. In addition to this, it is difficult to find a phone that improves the experience offered by the iPhone 5s with respect to the use of the front camera .

An experience of use beyond the reach of any other phone

The iPhone offers an excellent user experience. It is difficult to find a mobile that equips Android and that was released more than 4 years ago is still able to move smoothly the latest version of its operating system or most of the latest applications. This is the case with iPhone 4 for example.

As for the iPhone 5s, it appeared in September 2013, and despite the numerous subsequent launches of other phones that are supposed to be more advanced, it is difficult, if not impossible, to find a terminal that offers us the ease that it offers in all aspects . Perhaps the different layers and modifications of Android will harm the terminals that equip it in this sense.

Handling and carrying vs. other larger phones

Although Apple is expected to introduce two more handsets to the market within a month or two, the truth is that any iPhone, but especially the iPhone 5s compared to the current high-end handsets of other companies, is the easiest to carry. And we can say this because with its 4 inches fits perfectly in any pocket , where on the other hand, is our phone most of the day.

The Power of Innovation

If there is one thing that makes Apple terminals stand out, it is the continuous innovation they offer us and which all other brands try to imitate. In the case of the iPhone 5s in particular, its fingerprint reader has already been imitated by Samsung on its Samsung Galaxy S5. Another aspect, which has not even been imitated to date, is the 64-bit processor that equips the Apple terminal, something that the other brands have not yet come close to, despite the fact that it has been almost a year since the last iPhone was launched.

In conclusion, we can say that today the absolute reference in the mobile phone market is still Apple and its devices . There are probably those who are against this, or who believe that Apple was the reference, but not at present. Whether you are for or against what you have read, you can leave your comment below.

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