Real Racing 3 is updated with support for controls

Real Racing 3

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Real Racing 3 is updated with support for controls
Real Racing 3 is updated with support for controls

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It has been a year since EA launched Real Racing 3, changing its strategy and launching it in the form of free-to-play . Since then it has received numerous updates, including new tracks, new car makes and models, and even a real-time multiplayer mode trying to prevent players from escaping. However, the update he received yesterday is a major change, and that is that includes support for controllers , such as the Moga Ace Power or the Logitech Powershell.

In addition to driver support, this new version, 2.1.0, is loaded with new features. Perhaps the most striking is the arrival of car customization , very much in the style of Need for Speed. EA has added numerous options and now we can change wheels, modify the height of the chassis, and apply a multitude of vinyl.

In addition, as with every update, EA takes the opportunity to include a new car make or model . This time it’s Aston Martin’s turn, with the inclusion of three models, the Aston Martin DB9, the Vanquish and the V12 Vantage S. Another new feature is the appearance of a Photo Mode with which, as you can imagine, we’ll take pictures of any moment during a race, and then we can apply filters and share the images.

As I said at the beginning, for me the most outstanding one is the driver support. These days I’m testing a Logitech Powershell and I’ll soon be doing a review and I took the opportunity to see how they had implemented this functionality. The conclusion, after a few races, is clear, I still prefer the control with the accelerometer .

I don’t know if another controller with joystick , like the Moga Ace Power, would have different sensations, but with the Logitech Powershell crosshead the car control is not good , too sensitive to the pulses.

It’s an aspect that can possibly be improved in the next updates, or maybe it’s a matter of me not being used to it, since I’ve been playing this game for quite a while and I’ve already gotten used to the accelerometer, it can be too. In any case, that such popular games incorporate support for controllers is what this type of device needs to take off .

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