RasPiConnect, control a Raspberry Pi from your iPad

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You will remember that at Apple we have already said that the Raspberry Pi gets along great with Apple computers and mobile devices. So we can control a media center with XBMC from iOS or Mac, or automate something at home, or make a print server. The possibilities are endless.

Since friendships are usually a matter of two, the iPad (and soon the iPhone and iPod Touch) also gets along divinely with the Raspberry Pi, thanks to programs like RasPiConnect, which allows the Raspberry Pi to be controlled from the iPad.

RasPiConnect, control a Raspberry Pi from your iPad
RasPiConnect, control a Raspberry Pi from your iPad

RasPiConnect is a flexible and configurable control panel , which consists of two parts. The client, which runs on the iPad and is available on the App Store, and the server, which is written in Python and available for download on the RasPiConnect website.

The main functions of RasPiConnect are

  • Easy to configure interfaces on the iPad.
  • Five separate pages of information.
  • Representation of text, measurements and images captured by the Raspberry Pi’s camera on the iPad
  • Programmable buttons that allow different actions, such as activating devices connected to the Raspberry Pi on the GPIO ports, with a variety of controls available.
  • Automatic refreshing of the information.
  • Connection to various Raspberry Pi from each of the pages.

RasPiConnectServer, the software that runs on the Raspberry Pi , has the following functions and properties:

  • Open source, easily modified by the user and fully documented.
  • Examples of use.
  • Modular Architecture.
  • Support for webcams and custom hardware, as well as i2c devices connected to the Raspberry Pi
  • Full Open Source Code.
  • It uses XML for communication with RasPiConnect and the configuration files.

As you can see, thanks to RasPiConnect we can automate some action in our home, or do any project that needs to be monitored or controlled from the iPad. If you have ever thought of using a Raspberry Pi, RasPiConnect makes the first steps much easier without giving up being a powerful solution.

The price of RasPiConnect is 10.99 euros.

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