R0DE smartLav, lapel microphone compatible with the iPhone and iPad

R0DE smartLav is a lavalier microphone , designed to offer professional sound quality with the particularity of not needing any extra to be connected to iOS devices. R0DE Rec LE This gives you better audio quality than if you were to capture directly with the device’s built-in microphone or through the headset’s hands-free function.

After talking about him I decided to get one. Perhaps many of you are surprised that we talk about a product like this but every day there are many of us who use the iPhone or iPad to record small podcasts, interviews, etc. Not to mention that it can even be useful as a video recorder.

R0DE smartLav, on video


R0DE smartLav, lapel microphone compatible with the iPhone and iPad
R0DE smartLav, lapel microphone compatible with the iPhone and iPad

R0DE smartLav is a microphone with an omnidirectional capsule that does not require additional power, phantom type, since it is the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch itself that provides it.

R0DE smartLavSpecificationsFrequency Range20Hz – 20kHzSensitivity- 32.0dB re 1 VoltPascal (25.50mV @ 94 dB SPL) +- 2dB @ 1kHzTRRS Connection

But not only on iOS devices can be used, any other device with TRRS input can use it. This is where Android or even Mac devices come in. If you’ve never tried it before, the headset port is compatible with iPhone headsets. This allows us, in the new models, to control the playback of iTunes thanks to the control of the same. You can play, pause, or skip between songs while turning the volume up and down.

Well, if we connect R0DE smartLav and go to the system preferences, Audio, we will see how in the input tab the audio device changes from internal to external microphone. Indicating instead of headphone port, external microphone port. This way, even with our Mac, we can take advantage of the quality of the R0DE microphone.

R0DE Rec, the app designed for R0DE smartLav

Although we can use the iOS notes application itself it is best to choose an app that gives more recording options. R0DE provides two options, a free LITE version and a paid version . With both, you can record audio at maximum quality (24bit and 48kHz), monitor the audio level and save the file in .wav, aiff or caf. This file can then be exported through the browser, uploaded to an FTP or published in SoundCloud.

With the paid version the possibilities are extended with equalizers, bass and high pass filters, pre-sets for recording interviews, concerts, etc… editing tools export formats such as aac, Apple LossLess, FLAC and more; as well as compatibility with DropBox.


Of course it’s not a studio mic. We won’t have the same dynamic range that more application-oriented microphones can offer but it’s still a good buy. In addition, being able to use it with the iPhone or other terminal as an external recorder is a great advantage even for not having to invest in a wireless microphone.

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