Pulpmotion Advanced, advanced version of Pulpmotion now available

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We have received a press release about the appearance of Pulpmotion Advanced, a new version of Pulpmotion “on steroids”, which allows the creation of more professional videos. Pulpmotion is one of the most worthwhile programs for making great animations with minimal effort. In fact, it is one of the programs I usually show to “future switchers”.

Among the features of Pulpmotion Advanced are the ability to synchronize content with the music, as well as new effects and animations. There is a really cool photo-on-photo effect, where you select parts of the photo and then compose the whole photo. In this link you can see this effect.

Pulpmotion Advanced, advanced version of Pulpmotion now available
Pulpmotion Advanced, advanced version of Pulpmotion now available

When composing the animations, it is possible to work with them in full screen. And select the elements by date, something really useful if we work with large photo libraries. Exporting to video is much faster and gives higher quality now, thanks to the possibility of adding more precise “motion blur” functions to the animation.

In short, these are more than welcome features for users who want to get the most out of their photos and videos and who want more control than the normal version of the program. The trial version is functionally complete, although it adds watermarks in the video export.

The price of a new license is 89 euros, although there are family packs and upgrades from the standard version. Pulpmotion has sometimes been included in packs with other better priced programs, so we may be able to benefit from the advanced version at a better price in the future.

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