Product RED’s Mac Pro sells for $977,000

Jony Ive has teamed up with designer Marc Newson to redesign a series of products, which would later be sold at a charity auction. Productos subastados

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Product RED’s Mac Pro sells for $977,000
Product RED’s Mac Pro sells for $977,000

All of these are unique in the world and have been sold in stratospheric quantities, as you’ll see below.

If we think back a little, we will remember that several products designed between Marc Newson and Jonathan Ive appeared a few weeks ago. We are talking about the golden EarPods, the Leica camera, the red Mac Pro for Product RED and *the table One-of-a-kind .


Well, all these products had been designed to be sold in a charity auction , being these unique in the world. This is what happened this weekend at Shoteby’s Auction Center in New York.

The exclusivity surrounding these products has led to astronomical amounts being paid for them. For example the black Mac Pro, which is valued at $2999, in its Product RED edition, which only consists of having painted the case red, has sold for almost a million dollars . This is the complete list of auction prices:

  • Specially designed Leica camera: $1,805,000
  • Gold EarPods: $461,000
  • One-of-a-kind aluminum desk: $1,685,000
  • Red Mac Pro: $977,000
  • Exclusive Steinway Piano: $1,925,000
  • Dieter Rams’ Vintage Hi-Fi System: $100,000
  • Dieter Rams’s sofa chair: $68,750

In total, the sum of all items sold amounts to almost $13 million. Not bad, right? The good news is that all this money goes to charity. Ive and Newson have not charged anything for the designs, they have worked altruistically for the Product RED foundation , which fights against diseases such as AIDS, tuberculosis or malaria.

Finally, we leave you with the video of Charlie Rose’s interview with Jonathan Ive and Mark Newson where he talks about this auction and design issues.


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