Problems with the iPhone Bluetooth volume in the car

Virtually all users who own an iPhone and drive have a hands-free system in their vehicle . Whether it is the one integrated in the car, the classic Parrot, or an external interface that is added to the original radio in our car, as we told you in Freno Motor a few months ago.

I am one of the latter, who installed an external interface to the source radio, which did not have Bluetooth . So far so good, the problem arises when the iPhone does not come as well adjusted as it should with the Bluetooth system. Either that, or my interface doesn’t communicate well enough with my iPhone.

Problems with the iPhone Bluetooth volume in the car
Problems with the iPhone Bluetooth volume in the car

This has caused me a series of problems with the volume of calls and with the device from which the voice was coming out , which offered me such a poor experience that I almost gave up having to carry the iPhone linked to the car, I preferred to use the handsfree of the phone itself with its speaker.

Low call volume

When I received a call, the main problem was that my voice was terribly low. The solution was relatively simple: turn up the volume on the radio. The problem came when I hung up, because the volume of the music on the radio was exorbitant . This was quite uncomfortable, until I found the key.

iOS has two independent volumes in the Bluetooth. One is the volume of the phone, which includes the music from the Music application itself; the other is the volume of the calls . I didn’t find out about this until some time later, as I thought the volume was at maximum, because when I used the volume control on the Home screen it was at maximum.

However, the trick is to change the volume in the middle of the call, then we’ll see that the volume indicator is almost at minimum, and that’s why the calls sound so sluggish. It’s a matter of turning it up and the voice will be much louder . But beware of turning it up to the maximum because it inexplicably distorts the voice.

When I get a call I don’t hear anything, the voice is coming out of the iPhone’s headset

When I made the calls I did hear the voice through the car speakers, and through the microphone on the hands-free car kit; so far so normal. However, when I was called, I inexplicably didn’t hear anything, because the voice was coming out of the phone’s earpiece .

The solution was quite annoying and insecure, because I had to press the third button of the call and choose the audio source, changing the headset for the handsfree . This meant having to take my eyes off the road, and it certainly wasn’t something I found particularly comfortable.

So the trick is to change the default output of incoming calls, a setting that is hidden in General> Accessibility, and in the Interaction section, choose the option Audio addressing . Within this menu, we will have to choose Headset with microphone .

By default, when you call us and we are using the headset, we will be able to hear the call through the headset, and if the phone is connected to a Bluetooth handsfree or speakerphone system, the call will sound directly through the headset , instead of through the phone.

As we can see, iOS is not very well designed to be connected to a car via Bluetooth , because all these options that seem obvious at first sight are not as intuitive as they should be, a philosophy that Apple always advocates.

Now I’d like to know your experience about the iPhone connection with the Bluetooth in your car, and if it has generated some kind of problems like me, or on the contrary everything worked fine.

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