PreForm, an application for Formlabs’ 3D printers


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PreForm, an application for Formlabs’ 3D printers
PreForm, an application for Formlabs’ 3D printers

3D printing is slowly starting to flourish in OS X, where more applications are gradually appearing to be able to manage files that are later printed on 3D printers. Thus, Formlabs, which manufactures printers of this type, has launched its printing application PreForm for OS X, which is still in beta form and can be downloaded by anyone.

3D printers are a phenomenon that has been spreading and reducing costs for a long time, to bring us machined parts at a relatively low price compared to what we were used to. However, as most engineering issues, they always spread through Windows first . You only need to look at how many years it took for AutoCAD to finally end up on the Mac.

The 3D printers have not been less, and although Apple revolutionized the world of printers in the 80s with the invention of the Post Script of the Macintosh, OS X has known the 3D printers something later than the PC with Windows . But that is over now, because the 3D printer manufacturer Formlabs has launched its Proforma application for the Bite Apple platform.

So, version 0.8.4 of PreForm adds to the list of OS X applications to be able to command 3D printers. Its developers are aware that the Mac platform is very important , and that many engineers buy Mac laptops when the applications they need come to OS X. There are millions of architects who bought a Mac when it was announced that AutoCAD was coming to the Mac.

Well, PreForm will arrive soon and will maintain the same possibilities as the Windows version, so one application will not be less capable than another. At the moment they have a beta available for users to report all bugs they find before the arrival of the final version .

In addition, PreForm comes with a tool called Mesh Repair that allows us to analyze 3D designs to remove artifacts or poorly finished areas so that the final design that comes out of the printer is perfect. In the image that accompanies the entry we see a car that has hollow areas caused on purpose to see how PreForm manages them. On the right, the car appears fixed and perfect, and will be the version that is finally printed.


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