Powermat CEO assures that wireless charging will be a standard on the next iPhone

The date of the presentation of the next iPhone is getting closer and closer, call it what it’s called. As usual, the number of rumors is increasing, but there are several that are very recurrent. Among them is the fact that the iPhone 8 will have wireless charging . This is a fairly frequent rumor, and today we have one more point in favor of it thanks to Powermat.

Before we start anything. What is Powermat? Few people will know about this company, but in summary we will say that it is a company of products related to wireless charging . So, through their application you will be able to locate wireless charging points where you can charge your devices. All this thanks to agreements with a large number of establishments such as Starbucks.

Powermat CEO assures that wireless charging will be a standard on the next iPhone
Powermat CEO assures that wireless charging will be a standard on the next iPhone

Well, Powermat’s CEO has just commented that according to an Apple announcement , wireless charging will be present in future iPhones becoming a standard. But here’s something that doesn’t add up… when did Apple announce that?

Many people might ask: Does Elad Dubzinski know something we don’t? I don’t think so. Elad, the CEO of Powermat also said that whatever technology Apple uses, they will support it. Since Dubzinski still doesn’t know what technology Apple will use , everything points to him not knowing anything we don’t know.

Where did you get that statement then? Possibly, Powermat’s CEO intuited this since Apple joined the Wireless Power Consortium .

This year’s iPhone wireless charging and type

Therefore, we can consider this as a point in favor of the wireless charging rumor in a certain way. But the truth is that the wireless charging on the iPhone of this 2017 is already considered a reality.

There’s still a lot to know. For example, will it come only on the iPhone 8 with OLED display or will the other two iPhone models also have it? In addition, there are also questions regarding the technology that will use.

A few months ago, it was rumored that Apple would be working on a revolutionary wireless charging mechanism. This would be a high-powered wireless charge , meaning that the distance between the iPhone and the charging station may be much greater than it is today. This means that having your phone on a charging surface will be a thing of the past. We do not know when Apple will bring this technology, nor do we know if it will finally do so. What we do know is that they have something to show us in the iPhone 8 presentation …

What do you think? Do you think iPhone 8 will have a wireless charge? Will it come out with this high-powered wireless charge now, or will we have to wait a year or two to see that?

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