Podcast 1: iOS 11, an upgrade to dream

Apple 5×1 returns to the world of podcasting . Every two weeks you will have a new appointment with Apple 5×1 on the main platforms such as Spreaker and iTunes, to listen to entertaining talks on very different topics and always with very relevant guests in the Apple world.

The first program, published last Saturday May 27th, was starring iOS 11, and with a guest of ten as is Sergio Navas, founder of the website and YouTube channel iSenaCode, defining himself as ” a search engine for the perfect app “.

Podcast 1: iOS 11, an upgrade to dream
Podcast 1: iOS 11, an upgrade to dream

The topic of conversation was basically iOS 11 . A few days before the presentation of the new operating system at the WWDC 2017 to be held on June 5 this topic is on the table and the debate is unavoidable.

This very interesting and enjoyable conversation between Fernando Del Moral and Sergio Navas, has focused on the different rumors that have come out during the weeks that have preceded the WWDC, like the ones we told you in this post about different features published by mistake in a forum.

One of the features that they most defended in this hour of the program, was the importance that the iPad should have in iOS 11. The iPad world was totally abandoned in iOS 10, and it is expected that in this new version of the operating system we can have different user accounts.

With our iPhone, a great revolution is also expected from iOS 11, as a better security to make the shutdown of devices more complicated, as well as the improvement of certain native applications such as mail or FaceTime including group calls.

In addition, it has also been commented the possibility of Wallet to give one more step, giving the possibility to send money to your contacts, something that will be very useful to share certain payments if you go out to dinner with your friends.

All this I have explained to you is in a very short time what has been talked about in this 51 minutes long podcast, which I encourage you to listen to in full that I leave you below.

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