playing with a PS4 controller and an iPad Pro is possible

Now that we’ve just seen how to connect a PS4 or Xbox One controller to an iPad or iPhone with iOS 13, it’s time to try it out with a little known game : Fortnite. In the last few hours, we have been testing a PS4 controller on an iPad Pro with the iPadOS beta 3 on Fortnite . The result has been a much more comfortable experience to play with, but with the typical shadows of a beta.

First steps with Fortnite for iOS and a Dualshock 4

Without a doubt, one of the biggest criticisms that gamers plus hardcore make of the gameplay in iOS is the absence of physical controllers. Although from iOS 7 you can connect MFi controllers like the Nimbus of SteelSeries, the truth is that buying an extra controller to play on an iPhone is not the most common.

playing with a PS4 controller and an iPad Pro is possible
playing with a PS4 controller and an iPad Pro is possible

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Now, thanks to iOS 13 and iPadOS, users who have a compatible iPhone or iPad and also have one of the two large video game consoles at home, can use their controllers to play. But before launching from a bus on the road, you must synchronize the Dualshock 4 with the iPad or iPhone following the steps that we discussed a while ago. When you have it, launch the game and in the main menu press one of the keys of the controller.

You will see how the symbols of the virtual buttons of the controller automatically appear in all menus . This way, you are sure to play with the Dualshock. Sometimes you may not detect the controller or it may suddenly lose control of the right joystick . All of this is typical of a beta like the one we have today.

When you start the game you will be able to move, jump, shoot, change weapons and build using the controls you have set. You can choose between different distributions and even customize them, but you will soon come across a major drawback: you cannot configure L3 or R3 because Apple does not yet allow it on MFi controllers.

If you are a regular console player at Fortnite, you will know the importance of these two buttons. Epic incorporates them into the crosshead and also allows you to activate the sprint by default. But it’s not the same.

More comfort, no advantages over ‘mobile’ players

After playing with the PS4 controller on an iPad Pro for a few hours, the first thing you notice is how comfortable it is to have it. Accuracy in focus and shooting. Fast reaction and movement. Everything you miss when you play the mobile version of Fortnite.

That said, we should mention what happens when you play with a PS4 or Xbox One controller . Depending on the input you use to play, Epic will put you in one type of game or another:

On AppleHow to connect your PS4 or Xbox One controller to an iPad or iPhone with iOS 13

  • Mobile: iOS, iPadOS and Android players using the multi-touch screen.
  • Console: players who use a controller.
  • PC: players who use keyboard and mouse.

Each type of controller has its own “bag” when playing. So if a mobile user connects an external controller, it will compete with console users . And console users will compete with PC players if they connect a mouse and keyboard.

Epic wants the games to be as equitable as possible by preventing one player mobile but with a MFi controller from competing with other players mobile , since it is much better to have with physical controls . So if you expected to have some kind of advantage over your opponents, forget it. Fortnite will make sure to group users who have the same input to avoid unfair situations.

Having said that, if your thing is to play with a controller like the Sony Dualshock 4 (or the Xbox One), from iOS 13 you can do it anywhere as long as you have an iPhone or an iPad and an internet connection. Just in time for Apple Arcade.

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