Play Fortnite on iPhone and iPad with these Bluetooth controllers

Fortnite is still very present in the lives of many gamers who reserve a space in their diaries every day to play this incredible game that has given many hours of fun and frustration. With the arrival of this game to the App Store we have seen a small revolution in the gamer sector since many have taken advantage of this pastime to spend their dead time in the street or on public transport.

It is undeniable that playing Fortnite on the iPhone or iPad is not the most comfortable thing in the world and we can be at a disadvantage several times. That’s why in this article we’re going to bring you a series of controllers so you can connect it to your iPhone or iPad and play as if it were a table console, and obviously if you have an Android there are also numerous controllers to play Fortnite on Android as they told us in MovilZona.

Play Fortnite on iPhone and iPad with these Bluetooth controllers
Play Fortnite on iPhone and iPad with these Bluetooth controllers

There are several alternatives in the GamePad market but not all of them will work with your iPhone or iPad. It is important to note that the technical specifications are MF certified and this is what will allow you to sync with the iOS operating system.

Gamevice GV157

Since the end of January, this controller can be used without any problem to play Fortnite on our iOS teams. We have a variety of models available of this controller that fits on the sides of our device and obviously we will have to choose the one compatible with our equipment.

I think this controller makes a lot of sense for the iPhone, but not so much for the iPad because we have to have the device always in hand ‘wrapped’ by the controller, something that can be a little uncomfortable if the screen where we see the content is very big. In addition to being compatible with Fortnite, it is also compatible with many more games from the App Store as you can see in a list in the developer’s own app.

The controls as you see in the image are quite classic and we are convinced that you can easily adapt to them since you will have at the end a classic console between your controls as a PSP.

The price is 89.95 Euro and you can find it on Amazon here.

GameSir M2

If you want to play with a much more traditional controller such as the PS4 or Xbox, GameSir’s alternative with its M2 controller may be the most suitable. As you can see, the design is much more ergonomic and in this case it’s recommended for iPads and even for Apple TV. With this we can have the iPad supported vertically at some distance and play comfortably as if it were a console.

It also has a holder for your device so that you can play with your iPhone in the street in a much more comfortable way. The connection is made through Bluetooth 4.0 and the autonomy it offers is quite high, having in our hand the possibility of playing hard many hours without rest.

The price of this controller at Amazon is 76.99 euros and it is compatible with many devices. You can find it here.

Nimbus SteelSeries controller

With a design very similar to the previous one, the SteelSeries alternative is one of the best we can find in the market for its design and for the amount of functionalities it incorporates such as a notification LED in addition to forty hours of autonomy.

You can find this controller at the Apple Online Store for $59.95 here.

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