OS X Mountain Lion is updated to version 10.8.3

Actualización de OS X Mountain Lion a 10.8.3

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OS X Mountain Lion is updated to version 10.8.3
OS X Mountain Lion is updated to version 10.8.3

At last, OS X Mountain Lion version 10.8.3 is among us, and we have it available from Apple’s official website or from the Mac App Store, Cupertino’s application store. This new version has been released just a short time ago and has interesting new features, including the new compatibility of Boot Camp, which we will detail below.

After almost four months of testing and thirteen beta versions released , OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 is now available. As with the previous software updates , the new version is available on both the Mac App Store and the Apple website.

There are many features included in this new version, and some very interesting ones. Below is a list of all the improvements and changes included in the latest update to Apple’s feline.

  • Ability to redeem iTunes Gift Cards at the Mac App Store using the built-in camera on your Mac
  • Boot Camp compatibility with Windows 8 installation
  • Boot Camp compatibility with Mac computers equipped with 3 Tb hard drives
  • Solution to a problem that caused the URL of a file to close applications unexpectedly
  • Solution to a problem that caused Logic Pro to stop responding when using certain modules
  • Fixes an issue that caused audio dropouts in iMacs released in 2011
  • Integrated Safari 6.0.3

Without a doubt the most interesting ones are those that have to do with Boot Camp , since from now on we have available the possibility of installing Windows 8 with this tool, and on the other hand there is the integration with the 3 Tb disks.

This update is aimed at Mountain Lion users, of course, and can be downloaded from the Mac App Store or from the official Apple website . Remember, after the update we will have to restart the Mac.


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