Opening of the Puerta del Sol Apple Store

Puerta del Sol

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Opening of the Puerta del Sol Apple Store
Opening of the Puerta del Sol Apple Store

For years, relating Madrid to Apple meant Puerta del Sol . And the fact is that the Apple Store in Puerta del Sol is -even before it was open- the most media-friendly in all of Spain. The fact of removing Tio Pepe from the emblematic building may be one of the reasons, however, later we have seen how his prominence was returned to him -and Nokia tried to take advantage of it-. Or, for example, the remains of a hospital have even been found underneath the building.

Today, we can finally say that will be opened next Saturday June 21 . We don’t have an official press release from Apple, but we can already find the date on the wall surrounding the store, as you can see in the image published by Carlos Hergueta on Twitter.

Of course, this will be an event, as it usually happens with the opening of any Apple Store -we already saw it in the one in Barcelona in Paseo de Gracia-, we will see how this develops next Saturday. Great news for the people of Madrid, we will finally have the first Apple Store in the center of Madrid , although there are already a couple more in the capital, such as Parquesur, Xanadu and Majadahonda.

We will surely see more images of the store , as well as interesting data about it on the website that Apple has made available to us in Apple Retail. In addition, we will have a press release from Apple Spain, so stay tuned these days because we will tell you all the details.

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