Ommwriter, the minimalist word processor is no longer beta


I have already told you about this word processor that it only seeks to create a relaxing environment from which creativity flows thanks to the absence of distractions. I’m sure many of you have already tried it, but it was only a beta version of the program and as such it suffered from certain bugs. This final version, is characterized by many improvements requested by its users (some of which even asked me, in their contact form when I thought it was better to disable the Growl notifications)

Ommwriter, the minimalist word processor is no longer beta
Ommwriter, the minimalist word processor is no longer beta

Thanks to the guys at Herraiz Soto & Co. based in Barcelona, have kindly sent me a trial version a few weeks ago, I have been able to enjoy the program in advance. The improvements introduced by the program are very noticeable, the most remarkable being that this final version works very well with Mac OS X Spaces . Previously they were very problematic, and could leave your Mac a bit frozen. As I said before, when running the program, it disables the Growl notifications if you have them enabled, because previously they didn’t and they kept appearing to distract you when writing.

The program comes with two new file formats for exporting our writings, in PDF and RTF . It also includes support for computers with more than one screen as it turns off the secondary monitor, thus avoiding distractions. But it is possible to access the Mac OS X menu bar (which was previously impossible) simply by moving the mouse cursor to the top of the screen.

Ommwriter comes in two versions Dana I and Dana II, the first one free and the second one paid ($4.11). Both will be fully functional, only in the paid version, the funds and music available will be more. Specifically, they include two backgrounds developed with a chromotherapy expert that will actually make a color-changing loop ideal for relaxation and to promote creativity.

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