Official list of Macs compatible with OS X Mountain Lion

Chances are you already know if your Mac is compatible with OS X Mountain Lion. Furthermore, you may be reading this post from one of the previous versions already released, but well, it’s worth informing about the official topics. We already have the official Mountain Lion compatibility list available, I’m sorry to say that if you’re reading me from any prior to 2007, you can already start crying.

Attention, attention, last minute! We now have the official list of equipment that will be able to run OS X Mountain Lion.

Official list of Macs compatible with OS X Mountain Lion
Official list of Macs compatible with OS X Mountain Lion

After the release of the GM version of OS X Mountain Lion, we are all thinking the same thing, the final version is almost ready. The numerous criticisms that OS X Lion received have caused an even greater expectation for this new OS X, we all hope that Apple will be able to correct the errors and provide the appropriate updates.

Although you probably already know if your Mac will be compatible with this 10.8 cat, it’s worth mentioning that we already have access to the official data. In the following list you’ll find out whether or not your computer is definitely compatible with the new operating system:

  • Aluminum MacBook late 2008 and all early 2009 or later.
  • MacBook Pro mid-late 2007 or later.
  • MacBook Air late 2008 or later.
  • Mac mini from early 2009 or recent.
  • iMac from mid-2007 or recent.
  • Mac Pro from early 2008 or recent.
  • Xserve from early 2009.

Basically if your Mac is prior to 2007 or has a GMA 950 or X3100 graphics, sorry, you’re stuck with Lion (or Snow Leopard, that’s my advice). In short, Mountain Lion now only works (both the extensions and the kernel) in 64 bits , leaving aside the old ones in 32 bits.

Can we get angry if our Mac is not on the list? I have a hard time answering this question. In my opinion I would say a clear, no, we can’t; but it’s true that years ago I assumed and sold my soul to programmed obsolescence . We can’t fight against it, big companies like Apple will mark the life of our devices whether we like it or not, and I can’t think of any way to deal with this. Still, don’t worry, Apple will continue to release security updates for Snow Leopard and Lion for at least another year , and considering how well my MacBook is doing with Snow Leopard, I don’t even think about what my life would be like with Mountain Lion.

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