OCU allows you to manage your receipts and expenses with a smart app

With the integration of smartphones into our daily lives, it is increasingly common to see applications that integrate into our everyday lives , and help us to make our lives easier. OCU – for those of you who don’t know – has an application that helps us manage our money, expenses and bills.

I mean mooverang, and it is compatible with almost any Spanish bank (more than 40 entities), among which we can set up our current account, savings accounts or credit or debit cards. Moreover, will never show any advertising and our data will not be given to third parties . This application also has a version for Apple Watch.

OCU allows you to manage your receipts and expenses with a smart app
OCU allows you to manage your receipts and expenses with a smart app

With mooverang, we can manage our expenses or choose between different suppliers to pay less for a service or product , as it also has a price comparator in-app . OCU says that the objective of having devised and developed this application is that we can save more and more and that at the end of the month we can get more comfortable.

Most importantly, we can calculate our approximate budget based on last year’s income, expenses and savings . In addition, it is adaptable and intelligent, because it will remind us of unexpected payments that come in the short term, such as when we are charged for our car insurance next month and we don’t remember.

Its intelligent engine automatically categorizes our transactions so we can access them quickly and visually . It learns from millions of user transactions through lots of shops across the country, so it’s getting smarter all the time. The system of offers invites us to buy in more than 200 stores and enjoy discount checks or coupons, where according to OCU we can save up to 80 euros a year in our purchases.

In addition to being a service with the OCU guarantee, has the same level of security as the banks, it has a 256 bit encryption technology and SSL TLS certificates . It has the Norton Secu-red security seal, which guarantees that we are dealing with a reliable and secure platform. As if this were not enough, they receive security audits, carried out by the company S21sec, a digital security company specializing in the security of banking platforms.

mooverang does not support iOS with jailbreak or rooted Android devices thanks to the security systems that the app has in place and which protect users from possible data collections without them being aware of it.

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