Numi, a smart calculator for your Mac

Apple tiene un indexador, se llama Applebot y trabaja para Spotlight y Siri

There is a calculator in every operating system. Somehow there is, or at most you can download a free application with which to have it. But one thing is to have a calculator and the other one is an application capable of solving operations with some semantics , that lately is showing to have some comfort. This is the case of Numi.

Numi, a smart calculator for your Mac
Numi, a smart calculator for your Mac

This utility, still in testing, is installed in OS X with the appearance of a simple text editor but with the ability to calculate operations ranging from simple mathematical calculations or currency and percentage changes and measurement conversion. The only thing to learn is the vocabulary that Numi uses in English (and soon in Spanish).

Some calculations that not everyone does is to find the date from one day of the week, or the coffee spoons that are equivalent to an amount of liquid in milliliters. We can even write comments if we write them behind a pad as you see in the header image, as if we were writing code and giving the opportunity to have temporary annotations.

Numi is in beta and is currently completely free , so for anyone who always needs to have a smart converter at hand and is not convinced by Spotlight, it can give them a chance.

Among the new features of OS X El Capitan or iOS 9 and some applications like Numi, the text “understandable” by the computer seems to have found its place in Apple devices. The new iCloud notes recognize tasks easily, Spotlight is more semantic than ever with its new searches, and its iOS equivalent is capable of doing the same.

Will this be the future when we don’t know how to do something? Will we be able to, for instance, write in Spotlight ” empty the trash can ” or ” open the photograph I imported yesterday in Pixelmator “? The technology to make that possible is already here, so you just need to experiment.

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