Now, Amazon Prime Video is available for Apple TV

Apple has just released an update for the Amazon Prime Video application , where it is now available for the Apple TV .

The update can be downloaded right now, both in Spain and in several countries. It is also compatible with the Apple TV 3rd generation , so we can extend its life for longer.

Now, Amazon Prime Video is available for Apple TV
Now, Amazon Prime Video is available for Apple TV

After several rumors and leaks, Amazon Prime Video decides to make the leap to Apple TV and make peace with Apple .

Tim Cook said the version would be available for Apple TV before the end of the summer. Now, at the beginning of December, we can say that officially, it’s winter thanks to this update.

This is the great setting of the giant of Internet shopping to see multimedia content in streaming, where each time, is improving its series and movies.

It is currently completely free , as it is included in the annual Prime fee with a price of 19.99 euros. We say currently, because Amazon plans to extend the prices with different options.

We found original series, exclusive to Amazon. One of the most popular is “The Grand Tour” . A car show that was released by the BBC and where Amazon welcomed them with open arms.

In the case of the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom or Austria, users will also have the possibility to view HBO or Showtime. All integrated in the same application, a great advantage, since there is no need to install several applications.

Amazon has moved to integrate its application into Apple TV, something that is really necessary to avoid having to make AirPlay or buy some device from Amazon to see its contents.

Users don’t want more devices in their living room, our TVs don’t support more HDMI inputs either, we want just that, applications within a single device. So finally, Amazon Prime Video is now available on the Apple TV (3rd generation and later) for our use and enjoyment.

What did you think of the app? Have you downloaded it for your Apple TV yet?

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