Next Apple Watch May Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The Apple Watch officially arrived at the stores in April this year and on June 26 it finally arrived in Spain, but Cupertino’s people have not stopped their research and development and are already working on the improvements that will be included in the next Watch 2 , some of which will be able to prevent ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

A patent that has been published by the apple company reveals that they are working on some improvements to the smartwatch’s next-generation heart sensor and thanks to it some ailments could be prevented, such as wrist pain or stress warning, among other features. We tell you all the details.

Next Apple Watch May Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Next Apple Watch May Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The Apple Watch in stores measures your heart rate every 10 minutes, but it doesn’t save any data when you’re moving or your smartwatch arm is moving. Apple is working on improving this deficit and adding more sensor enhancements, which may even help prevent some injuries or illnesses.

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Apple’s patent filed a few days ago details that the new sensor that will include the future Apple Watch 2 will contain between 9 and 25 different reading or input areas . Thanks to this increase in the number of sensors in the smartwatch, it will be possible to recognize the proximity of the watch to the skin or the inclination of the watch, which could serve to know where the watch is at all times, in relation to the wrist and the ground.

This additional data from the new sensors could improve the readings on the heart monitor. We recently discovered that the Apple Watch is not as accurate in collecting data as we thought, or at least that is what a review comparing the Watch to the Microsoft Band made clear to us. But these improvements would not only make the Watch more accurate, they would also include a couple of other benefits.

For example, you could keep track of how often and how you move your wrist, warning of continuous or repetitive movements you are making that could lead to an injury, such as tendinitis or carpal tunnel syndrome. In addition, if you have any of these injuries, the watch could store the movement data so that the doctor can keep track of your condition or syndrome and make sure you are following the recommendations to improve your condition.

In addition, this new technology could be applied to different applications in the future, since it would be able to know what position your wrist is in, even if your hand is closed or open, which could give the possibility of controlling some watch functions with the simple gesture of your hand. You can imagine answering a call by closing your hand, because that will be possible in the future Watch 2 if this technology, which we have known thanks to Cult of Mac becomes feasible.

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