New Vice President of Corporate Development at Apple


Adrian Perica is not exactly one of Apple’s most visible executives, but he has been with the company for a decade. During this time he has been in charge of carrying out different acquisitions and mergers of companies within Apple as a corporate development manager. In the last few hours Apple has changed his position, he will now report directly to Tim Cook as Vice President of Corporate Development.

New Vice President of Corporate Development at Apple
New Vice President of Corporate Development at Apple

Apple’s website describes Adrian Perica’s position as the head of procurement and strategic investment efforts. This position is not really new, the novelty is that Adrian Perica will now report directly to Tim Cook . Until now he reported to the company’s CTO, Luca Maestri.

Prior to his arrival at Apple, Adrian Perica was working at Goldman Sachs for eight years. Before that at Deloitte Consulting and even before that as an officer in the US Navy. His career really began in the military, studying physics at the military academy.

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In April 2009 Adrian Perica joined Apple and during these ten years he has been a key player in carrying out some of Apple’s major operations. For example, the acquisition of Beats in 2014 or the more recent billion dollar investment in Didi Chuxing .


According to Bloomberg, this appointment may be caused by some requests from Wall Street and the company’s shareholders. It seems that some analysts are asking Apple to consider making larger acquisitions than in the past. Apple usually acquires a lot of small companies every year, however we rarely see a big purchase as it was the case of Beats, the investment in Didi Chuxing or, at most, the purchase of Shazam.

What does this mean for users? In a direct way not much. Maybe we will see some impulse when Apple acquires companies , although hardly a promotion of an executive will change the philosophy of the company.


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