New Real Racing 3 update brings new Ferrari

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New Real Racing 3 update brings new Ferrari
New Real Racing 3 update brings new Ferrari

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The best EA Games game for iOS is here again, giving you something to talk about. As is regularly the case, they’ve updated it again with lots of new features. In this version 1.40 not only does it bring new cars, but it also incorporates a new circuit, Circuit de Catalunya. As for the cars, it brings a complete showcase of Ferrari, such as the FF, 458 Italia and F12 Berlinetta. The artificial intelligence has also been improved this time.

One of the most popular iOS games is being updated again, as it is on a regular basis. Real Racing 3 brings this time a great update with the introduction of Ferrari for the first time in the game, including the FF, the 458 Italia or the F12 Berlinetta. However, have not been licensed to introduce the new La Ferrari .

Among other improvements in this version 1.40 is a new circuit: Circuit de Catalunya , new tests and the possibility to customize our HUD. Artificial intelligence has also been improved , and now our rivals will be able to avoid crashes much more intelligently and be faster.

Without further ado, I leave you with the complete list of changes :

  • New cars: for the first time in Real Racing, get behind the wheel of Ferrari’s incredible FF, 458 Italia and F12berlinetta V12.
  • New circuit: get to know the wide curves and the fastest and narrowest sections of the famous Circuit de Catalunya.
  • Challenges in time trials against ghosts: learn from the best and compete with your friends or forge new car rivalries with other players
  • Meet the team: hire staff to earn R$, fame and maintenance bonuses.
  • AI improvements: improved crash avoidance and speed in the first curve.
  • Data screen customization: configure new settings to customize your driving experience.
  • Lap and sector times: you can compare your performance precisely.

As always, the update is free and will be available on the App Store of your iPhone or iPad.

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